Megyn Kelly Gets BAD News After Trashing Trump for Months

Megyn Kelly Looking Smug
Megyn Kelly, whose Fox contract ends in mid-2017, is asking for a $20M salary. But there don't seem to be much interest in her services.

Megyn Kelly has apparently let it be known that her services as an anchor are available to a network that can meet her asking price, which includes a $20,000,000 yearly salary. A bargain, no doubt Kelly thought. After all, Fox News head Rupert Murdoch has reported that he would like to see Kelly re-signed to the network with all due haste, as her current contract will expire in July of 2017. She probably assumed that a bidding war for her services would ensue.

Well, that hasn’t exactly happened. A source with CNN indicated that Kelly’s contract demands are a bit too high. It appears that networks other than Fox are not exactly tripping over each other to bring Kelly aboard.

Whatever the reasons for the lack of suitors, the prospects for another network other than Fox being willing to meet her lofty demands may be receding. Her nightly show on Fox, The Kelly File, normally is second to The O’Reilly Factor in ratings across all the networks – and no one else. Recently, however, The Kelly File has at times been passed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 and MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show.

Sources with various networks indicate the feeling that only Fox is interested in Kelly’s services at her asking price. Perhaps the size of her star is a wee bit bigger in her eyes than in those of anyone else.