Meghan Markle Receives Devastating Blow from Royal Family – Wedding Could be CALLED OFF


From the moment that Prince Harry announced his engagement to an Amercian “commoner” and former actress Meghan Markle, the world wondered how this girl, seemingly plucked from obscurity, would fit into the royal family. She comes from a typical “messy” family dynamic, far from the prim and proper Royal Palace. She would have to work extra hard to impress the Queen since without her blessing, she wouldn’t be able to wed Prince Harry and live the fairytale life she hopes to achieve. Markle was given a list of demands and can’t fulfill it and may have just sealed her fate.

While it may seem like a storybook living, glass slippers and gowns, being part of the royal family comes with a great deal of commitment. For Markle, this means she’d have to put on her best performance yet to act the part that’s very different from who she really seems to be. She’s lived a completely different life up until her engagement – her second one after having been married once before from 2011 to 2013. It’s questionable just how long she’ll last in this lifestyle since she must follow the queen’s orders to be married to Harry, who is in line to the throne.

According to Express, Markle will be forced to follow certain royal rules and traditions once she marries Harry and it may be difficult for her.

On top of the hard and fast protocols that come with being a member of the Royal Family, there are also quirks and traditions she will have to get to know.

So what should the Suits actress expect if she marries into the British Royal Family?

The couple will need the permission of the Queen to wed

This is because of Prince Harry’s position in line to the throne.

The rule dates back to 1701, when the Act of Settlement was passed to prevent a Catholic from getting the crown.

However, rules have been updated so that now the Queen only needs to grant permission to the first six members of the Royal Family – at the moment this is Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew.

Meghan will have to keep her political views private.

The Suits actress has been vocal about political issues in the past, sharing a post to Instagram which appeared to be anti-Brexit, and slating Donald Trump. Members of the Royal Family have no such freedom and are expected to stay politically neutral.

The world isn’t just watching their engagement and digging into Merkle’s past to find out more about this soon-to-be royal, we will all be watching to see how long she lasts in this role once the rice tossed at their wedding settles. She’s entering into a completely different life and culture, far from where she came from, and it might be a really hard adjustment for her. Time will tell. While he wish them the best, we also just hope that both she and Harry know what they are getting into.