Girls Die Stealing Car and Family Blames Cops – Officer Issues EPIC RESPONSE!


Three Florida teenage girls stole a car and drowned when the car veered off the road and into 15 feet of water. Family members of the dead teens and the usual activists then pushed a false narrative that the police intentionally let them die. The Pinellas County sheriff showed conclusively that the police were not to blame.

Many of the facts leading up to the deaths are not in dispute. Three Florida teenagers, Dominique Battle, age 16, Ashaunti Butler, age 15, and Laniya Miller, age 15, asked for and were given a ride by a well-intentioned stranger one March evening. When the 36-year old went into a Walmart for a few minutes, the girls, who had remained in the car, stole it.

Officers arriving at the scene waded into the water and a rescue was considered, but the the darkness, depth of water, and mucky condition of the pond forced the police to call off the rescue as it would have almost no chance of success and would imperil the lives of would-be rescuers.

Following the tragedy, family members, fueled by a false narrative pushed by the media, claimed that the police could have saved the girls’ lives if they had wanted to, and that they had, in fact, chosen to stand by and let the girls die.

Dominique Battle, Ashaunti Butler, Laniya Miller

As with so many events in today’s American society, the tragedy was turned into a race issue.

At a press conference, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri responded to accusations by the media that his department had allowed the girls to die, and had, in effect, caused the girls’ deaths.

As Gualtieri pointed out, his office had circulated media packets, but very few journalists had bothered to look at them. In responding to questions and accusations posed by various journalists in attendance, Gualtieri asked them whether they had looked at the media packets they had been provided. Of course, none of them had.

The members of the media were simply basing their stories on a heavily-edited version of a police dashcam video. If they had bothered to watch the full, unedited version, they would have known the truth. Sound familiar?

Gualtieri explained that officers at the scene removed their gunbelts, some of their clothing and waded into the water. This is not something police do for no reason. In response to accusations that his department did not try to save the girls lives, the sheriff, fed up, said “It’s a bunch of junk. Those deputies went in that water and tried to save those girls at their own peril.

Watch video of Sheriff Gualtieri’s Press Conference:

Of course, watching the full video would have exposed them to the truth, and truth is not what the left-wing, anti-police media want. No, they have a narrative to put forward, and that narrative is that police across the country are intentionally killing black people, in one manner or another, and for no other reason than racism.

The war on cops is real. The goal of destroying western civilization by the Left is real, too.