Mayor Steals Taxpayer Money For Refugees – Gets CAUGHT


Residents of Vermont, liberal and conservative, and even in Bernie Sanders home state, have come to the realization that accepting Islamic refugees just isn’t a good idea.

Mayor of Rutland, Vermont, Chris Louras, plotted to take taxpayer money to resettle 100 Syrian refugees. Thankfully only two Syrian families slipped in before the voters took Louras’ job.

Trump’s crackdown on immigration helped prevent Louras from causing any more damage to the self proclaimed liberal state.

Former Mayor Louras knew that his plan to bring in Syrian refugees would face opposition so he didn’t follow any guidelines or rules as far as the small town law or it’s residents who abide by it. He just went ahead and launched his despicable plan.

As soon as the residents of Rutland discovered his plan and intentions they gathered for a town hall meeting. The small town brought up fears of refugees bringing in disease, whether they would support Sharia law, and that they, and their way of life, would be overrun by a foreign way of life.


Once Louras was ousted as mayor, David Allaire took his place. The election was viewed as a referendum on refugees. Allaire had unsuccessfully ran against Louras in the past, but won this election based on the former mayor’s actions and disregard for the residents opinions about refugees.

Allaire has promised, and is showing, that he will govern Rutland with the consent of the people. He is returning public trust to city hall.

Tyranny by liberal leaders will not be accepted. This is just the beginning and a small view into the bigger picture of what will happen in the rest of the country.

The people have spoken and they have a president who supports them.