Rapper Threatens To Kill Trump If He Takes Away His Food Stamps


After 50 years of progressive liberalism, America’s inner cities have come to this.

This man threatens to kill Donald Trump if his food stamps are taken away. He says “As long as the mother-f*cking government lets us keep our food stamps, we gonna be good.” But if his food stamps are taken away, “that means no more barbecues, that means no more nothin… So if you take that sh*t, the n*gga is coming with the madness.”

He tells his viewers (in his own pathetic rap style) to let Donald Trump know, because they will declare war, adding “And I ain’t worried about ISIS, because they just calm me.”

Welcome to Hillary Clinton’s strongest constituency; the rotting inner cities of Amerca, destroyed by liberalism, yet, ironically, still dependent on liberalism.

Here’s a question to ponder: what if a white man published a video threatening to kill Hillary Clinton? You can be sure the FBI would be at his door in a heartbeat. The hypocricy permeating our government and our culture is just astounding.

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