Malia Obama’s Summer Plans Leak – You Won’t Believe Where She’s Headed On Our Dime…


Thanks to the powerful positions her parents hold, Malia Obama has spent the last two summers working at flashy internships in the world of Hollywood. This year, however, it has just been revealed that Malia will be having an even bigger summer experience.

The Local reported that it was revealed this week that Malia will be interning at the American embassy in Madrid, Spain this summer. This came after her father announced that he will visit Spain for the first time during his presidency this July.

Spain may seem like a random place for Malia to be working, but it isn’t when you realize who the ambassador there is. US ambassador to Spain, James Costos was one of the biggest donors to Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012, and his partner Michael S. Smith is a good friend of Michelle’s who redecorated the Obamas’ private rooms in the White House as well as the Oval Office.

This has been a big year for Malia, as she graduated from high school and got accepted to Harvard University, which she will attend in the fall of 2017 after she takes a gap year. It looks like she will also be spending her 18th birthday in Madrid on July 4 of this year.

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