Malia Obama TWERKS at Music Festival – Your Tax Dollars at Work!


While most of Washington was focused on the Democratic National Convention, First Daughter Malia Obama skipped out to attend Lallapalooza, an annual music festival in Chicago.

The Secret Service agents must have had a hard time trying to keep Malia safe at a place like Lallapalooza. Many of the concert goers at the festival are known to partake in hard drugs and drink heavily. Last year alone, 238 people were sent to hospitals from the festival from drug and alcohol related incidents; 34 more people were arrested.

While Malia seemed like she was just there to enjoy the music, a clip of her has quickly gone viral online. She was captured on camera twerking and flipping up her shirt as she partied.

Recent high school graduate Malia recently decided she’ll go to Harvard, but not until 2017 — she’s taking a gap year first.

She’s received ample criticism since the incident. Do you think she should be let off the hook, or is the criticism valid? Sound off in the comments section below!