President Donald Trump has had a very difficult week, as he has found himself embroiled in numerous damning scandals that Democrats claim could get him impeached. Now, rumors are circulating that he’s reacting to these scandals by planning a wide-ranging staff shakeup at his White House.

Western Journalism reported that these rumors have been fueled by White House sightings of members of the campaign staff that helped Trump win the election. Campaign figures like Jason Miller, David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski have all been spotted at the White House this week in the days after the controversial firing of FBI Director James Comey. This suggests that Trump is planning to plug the leaks in his White House with figures who have already proven their loyalty to him.

“I’ve known the president for 40 years, I consider myself a hard-core Trump loyalist,” said former campaign adviser Roger Stone. “I look at the White House staff list and I know two people on the staff. He has surrounded himself with quislings, and they leak like a sieve. He beat the establishment and then he immediately hired them. That doesn’t make any sense.”

Lewandowski, who once served as Trump’s campaign manager, spoke out on Thursday to claim that he was a “visitor” to the Trump team and to say that the president deserves loyalty.

“Any person who serves in this administration — whether it’s in the White House or in some other department — that isn’t fully supporting the president’s agenda should not be there. It’s very simple,” Lewandowski said. “And if you don’t think that the president’s agenda is the right agenda, then you have the prerogative as a staff member to leave at your earliest convenience.”

He went on to say that he knows exactly what he would do to the White House leakers.

“You should be fired, candidly, if you’re speaking to the press outside of the course of the individuals who are authorized to speak to the press,” he said.

This comes as Republicans are calling on Trump to shakeup his White House.

“Clearly, the administration needs to take stock of its operations and the president needs to do a far better job of understanding the differences among the three branches of government — what’s appropriate, what isn’t appropriate,” said Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine. “He needs to right the ship. We cannot have this constant chaos and serious questions being raised virtually every single day. It is distracting from the ability to work on certain issues like health care reform, and the administration needs to get its house in order.”

White House officials who are believed to be in danger include Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Communications Director Michael Dubke.

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