MAJOR Arrest Rocks the Democrats


Democrats behaving badly has been a major theme lately.

Sadly, they just can’t seem to keep themselves together and handle the animosity they harbor toward Trump.

You know how Democrats aren’t really big on respecting law enforcement?

Check out what a United States congressman thought was a good idea today…

From Townhall:

Federal police handcuffed Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez for refusing to leave an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Chicago on Monday.

Gutierrez was there to attend a meeting between ICE officials and immigration activists, lawyers, community leaders, and elected officials. When the Illinois representative did not get the answers he wanted, however, he decided to stay.

Check out this “brave hero.”

The scary part is that liberals eat this stuff up. Can you imagine if a Republican was handcuffed like this? The media would be calling for his removal ASAP. But, this guy will probably be celebrated in the intellectually bankrupt liberal circles.

What are you protesting against? Deporting criminal illegal aliens? Because that’s clearly what Trump is focused on right now.