Loretta Lynch Gets BRUTAL Dose Of Justice Over Bill Clinton Meeting


Back in June, Attorney General Loretta Lynch outraged conservatives everywhere when she secretly met with former President Bill Clinton on the tarmac of the Phoenix Airport. Lynch chose to meet with the former president despite the fact that her investigation into his wife Hillary Clinton was still ongoing at the time.

Now that Donald Trump has beaten Clinton in the election, however, it looks like both Lynch and Bill may finally be facing justice for this unethical meeting after all.

Conservative 101 reported that Lynch is now facing possible federal action over her meeting with Bill, and the former president himself could also get charged. The American Center for Law and Justice submitted Freedom of Information Act requests about the meeting to both the FBI and the Department of Justice, but neither request was ever fulfilled.

The FBI even responded by claiming there were “no records responsive” to the group’s request. However, the ACLJ is firing back by filing federal lawsuit against the Department of Justice to release all messages written between Lynch and her staff about the meeting with Bill.

This is NOT good for Lynch…

“This Administration has gone out of its way to hide information from the American public—information that is extremely troubling,” said ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow. “The stakes are high. The American people deserve a Justice Department with integrity.”

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