Loretta Lynch Breaks Her Silence – Makes MAJOR Announcement About Hillary Scandal

Loretta Lynch
Attorney General Loretta Lynch maintains her innocence regarding her meeting with former President Bill Clinton in June of 2016.

Oh, please, Loretta. Stop. You didn’t think, even for a second, that your meeting this past summer with Bill Clinton, while the FBI investigation into his wife’s potentially illegal behaviors, wasn’t maybe just going to look a little bit sketchy to some folks? Either you’re a huge fool or a huge liar. Either way, very glad that you’ll be out of your office soon.

For those who were, say, vacationing somewhere glorious last summer (Alaska, perhaps?) and missed all the fuss, here’s what happened with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and husband of the Democratic front-runner (no, we won’t get into the questionable actions that brought about her “success”), former two-term President, Bill Clinton:

Loretta, with her private plane and entourage, and Bill, with his private plane and entourage, just happened to have their planes parked on the same tarmac at the Phoenix, Arizona, airport this past June 27. According to Loretta, Mr. Clinton went to her plane and asked to be invited in for a quick chat about golf. Well, this quick chat lasted for over 30-minutes. And it was private. And the FBI instructed people in the area to not have their cell phones out. Huh. Nothing questionable going on there.

Normally this probably wouldn’t have caused such a scandal. The issue that everyone had with this meeting, of course, was that it occurred while Clinton’s wife, Hillary, was under investigation by the FBI, an agency under Lynch’s jurisdiction, for using a private email server for secret U.S. government documents.

As Attorney General of the United States, Lynch is supposed to “treat everyone equally.” Of course, how many people in this country, were they being investigated by the FBI, would have the opportunity for their husbands to chat with the supposedly-impartial U.S. Attorney General? Probably very few. The whole event, despite the repeated pleas of Ms. Lynch, smack of there being a 2-tiered system in this country: one for the rich and famous, and one for the rest of us.

While Lynch continues to call this meeting seem “innocuous,” it’s enough of an issue that the political watchdog group, Judicial Watch, brought, on October 28, 2016, a Freedom of Information lawsuit against the FBI, demanding the release of records regarding this clandestine meeting.

Fast-forward to December 2016, when Loretta Lynch sits down with CNN journalist Jake Tapper, for a one-on-one interview. In response to a question about the wisdom of her meeting with Mr. Clinton, Lynch told Clapper, “I wish I had seen around that corner and not had that discussion with the former president, as innocuous as it was, because it did give people concern. It did make people wonder, ‘Is it going to affect the investigation that’s going on?’ and that’s not something that was an unreasonable question for anyone to ask.”

Judicial Watch president, Tom Fitton, has said about the FBI, “FBI Director James Comey’s promise to the American people of transparency about the FBI’s investigation of Clinton was an empty promise – otherwise we wouldn’t be in federal court seeking this information. An air of corruption surrounds the FBI/Justice Department investigation of Hillary Clinton and so, through this lawsuit, Judicial Watch is investigating the investigators.”

According to an article on townhall.com, “FBI agents reportedly told the New York Post they believe some kind of deal was struck during the meeting between Clinton and Lynch.” Gee, you think?

Watch the Lynch/Tapper interview here:

Review the details of the Judicial Watch lawsuit.