Look What Was Just Spotted At The Obamas’ New Mansion…


Moving vans were spotted on Monday outside the home in Washington D.C. that the Obamas are planning to move into when they leave the White House on Friday.

Daily Mail reported that the 8,200-square-foot-home is located in the ritzy neighborhood of Kalorama. The Obamas will be staying in the $4.3 million home for at least two years, until their daughter Sasha finishes college.


Built in 1928, the Obama’s new house boasts nine bedrooms and eight-and-a-half baths. The Obamas are renting the home from Joe Lockhart, who served as press secretary to Bill Clinton, and his wife Giovanna Gray, an editor for Glamour.

3c2f7bd500000578-4125838-image-a-89_1484606568961It was also revealed today that the Obamas will leave Washington D.C. immediately after Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday to visit Palm Springs, California. The family is scheduled to board a helicopter after leaving the Capitol on Friday which will take them to Andrews Air Force Base, where they will board a government plane for the trip to California.

Sadly for the Obamas, they will have to purchase their own return tickets to Washington D.C. themselves.

The Obama family is likely staying at the Palm Springs home of their friends Michael Smith and James Costos while they are there. Smith has been the Obamas’ interior designer ever since they moved into the White House, and Barack Obama appointed Costos to serve as the the United States ambassador to Spain back in 2013.

The Obamas have visited the home of the Smith and Costos a few Tims in the past.

“When they were here, it occurred to me that more than 50 years ago JFK had stayed just down the road at Bing Crosby’s home,” said Smith. “The President and Mrs. Obama basically woke up in the morning to the same view of the valley. There was something lovely about that thought.”

“It made me contemplate all the change that has taken place in those decades, contrasting with the timelessness of this beautiful desert landscape,” he added.

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