Liberal Thug Viciously Assaults Trump Supporter – Gets BRUTAL Dose Of Karma…


The mainstream media is always trying to make it look like supporters of Donald Trump are violent thugs. Videos like this, however, remind us that liberals are the real dangerous ones…

Mad World News reported that disturbing video footage shows a masked liberal thug smash Trump supporter Sean Stiles in the head with a U-lock during a pro-Trump rally in Berkeley, California last weekend. The liberal attacker assumed that he had gotten away with the vicious assaults, since he was wearing a mask, but he ended up being dead wrong.

Just four days after footage of the assault was posted, users on a message board that was hosted on 4Chan managed to track down the attacker and identify him as Diablo Valley College philosophy professor Eric Clanton. The users were able to do this by matching Clanton’s features up with images of the masked attacker.

Once the knew Clanton’s identity, the 4Chan users hacked into his Amazon account.  It was then that they found he had just bought 14 bike locks with one-day shipping.

Thanks to these dedicated internet users, Stiles is now moving forward with pressing charges against Clanton.

In addition, patriots have been inundating Diablo Valley College President Ted Wieden with messages demanding that Clanton be fired and that an investigation into his conduct be launched.

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