Liberal N.Y.C. Mayor De Blasio Shamelessly EXPLOITS Trump Victory With THIS…


New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio sent out an alarmist email to his supporters yesterday, warning that Donald Trump wants to “take away the reproductive rights of all women”, “take away health insurance from the poorest among us”, and “deport our city’s immigrants.”

And after his dire warnings about Trump, de Blasio told them the best way to “protect themselves” was with a “generous donation” to his reelection campaign.

Wow, that didn’t take long!

Yes, the dirty mayor from the Big Apple is shamelessly playing to his constituents’ fears, all in the name of raising money for his own campaign.


The email was sent from the mayor’s campaign account and asks his supporters to make a contribution to his 2017 re-election bid of as much as $1000.

On Sunday, the New York Post highlighted sections of the email:

While Trump only received small pockets of support in New York City, much of it came from people who are prepared to spend a lot of money to defeat us next year. And if this election taught us anything, it’s that we must be prepared for everything.

And of course, the best way to “prepare”, is to write the mayor a fat check.

De Blasio has also assured the illegal immigrants living in the Big Apple that he would not cooperate with any Trump initiative seeking information about anyone’s immigration status, even if they are convicted felons. The city started a program last January which gives I.D.s to illegal immigrants. Nearly one million people have already signed up for the program.

There is no love lost between Trump and de Blasio. Trump has repeatedly called the mayor “one of the most corrupt men in New York”, and the “single worst mayor is the history of New York City”. Meanwhile, de Blasio has consistently called Trump a racist during the presidential campaign.

Will de Blasio supporters open their wallets for his reelection campaign? Or will this money-grubbing email backfire? Share your thoughts in the comments section.