Liberal Lesley Stahl Gets BAD NEWS After Treating Trump Unfairly on 60 Minutes


Lesley Stahl, a known liberal hack who anchors CBS’ 60 Minutes, scored the first interview with President Elect Donald Trump on Sunday night.

After showing her flagrant liberal bias during the interview, she is getting a BRUTAL response. Stahl is getting skewered on Twitter, and tens of thousands of Americans are calling for her to lose her job.

During the Trump interview, Stahl was condescending, rude, and treated our next president in a way she would never dare to speak to Obama. During the entire interview, she smirked at Trump and tried to make him feel like a joke.

She also accused Trump of inciting racism and attacks against minorities, but didn’t even mention the multiple violent attacks that have occurred against Trump supporters over recent days.

Check out some of the hate Stahl is receiving on Twitter — there’s no doubt she deserves it:


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Lesley Stahl has lost any shred of credibility that she once had as a “serious” journalist. This election, perhaps more than any in history, highlighted how left-leaning and flagrantly liberal our mainstream press outlets have become. so much so, that the American people no longer trust them as a source for factual information.

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