Liberal Church Takes in Muslim ‘Refugees’ – Horrified by What They Find in the Pews


There is a “migrant crisis” in Europe, and, specifically, Sweden. The latest issues at the exquisite, historic Holy Trinity church in that country show the tip of a much bigger iceberg.

As reported by Brietbart, “Christians have become frightened to visit the Holy Trinity church as newcomers are reported to yell loudly and smash liquor bottles during services, masturbate in the pews and urinate and defecate both inside and in the church grounds. Holy Trinity administrative manager Bengt Alvland told the newspaper that people have repeatedly tried to steal silver, and staff are having to keep the organ locked to prevent them from climbing on top of it to disturb worshipers. He also recounted how, during baptism, people have tried to take children away from the priest and parents as the ceremony was ongoing. In addition, people have sat masturbating in the pews.”

According to the Gatestone Institute website, here are just a few of the issues involving Muslim refugees in Sweden:

  • The daily Svenska Dagbladet reported that 30,000 people whose asylum application had been rejected and were scheduled for deportation, had gone missing. The police say they lack the resources to track down these illegals.
  • Three Somali men in their 20s, who took turns raping a 14-year-old girl, received very lenient sentences — and all three avoided deportation.
  • On June 7, it was reported that British citizen Grace “Khadija” Dare had brought her 4-year-old son, Isa Dare, to live in Sweden, in order to benefit from free health care. In February, the boy was featured in an ISIS video, blowing up four prisoners in a car. The boy’s father, a jihadist with Swedish citizenship, was killed fighting for ISIS.

It is precisely these types of issues that European countries are seeing that our President-elect, Donald Trump, wants to avoid for the United States. According to his website,, he plans to, “Vet applicants to ensure they support America’s values, institutions and people, and temporarily suspend immigration from regions that export terrorism and where safe vetting cannot presently be ensured.”

Watch President-elect Trump discuss his thoughts on immigration from Muslim countries, and his plans for “extreme vetting:”

Thank you, Mr. Trump! You’re keeping the United States from having a “migrant crisis” of its own, and we appreciate that greatly! Learning from Europe’s mistakes sure beats repeating them!