Lester Holt Caught Doing THIS During Debate – This PROVES It Was Rigged


Millions of patriots were furious during the first presidential debate last night when it became obvious that moderator Lester Holt had effectively rigged the proceedings for Hillary Clinton to beat Donald Trump. This was immediately evident to viewers by the sickening way Holt treated the crowd that was watching the debate unfold at Hostra University in New York.

Young Conservatives reported that Holt interrupted the crowd whenever they would cheer for Trump, telling them to remain silent during the debate. However, when the crowd would cheer for Clinton, Holt would remain silent and allow them to continue doing so.

Patriots immediately took to Twitter to voice their fury at what Holt was doing.

Holt’s behavior made it painfully obvious that Trump has been right all along in claiming that the mainstream media is against him. SHARE this story if you think Lester Holt should be BANNED from moderating future debates!