Laundry List Of Hypocritical Democrats Who Met With Russian Ambassadors


Democrats haven’t shut up about Russia since before the election. They are attacking Republicans for alleged Russian ties, when it’s clear Russian ambassadors have met with tons of politicians from both parties for years.

One ambassador has been active in making the most connections with American senators, and his name is Sergey Kislyak. Democrats have been trying to get Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign over meetings with Sergey Kislyak last year, and now the truth is coming out. Basically, everyone has met with Sergey Kislyak. He’s a very busy Russian.

Town Hall has come up with a jaw-dropping list of Democrats who have met with Russian ambassadors. Here’s the list:

1. Senior Obama advisor John Holdren

2. Senator Claire McCaskill

3. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

4. Former Senator Mary Landrieu

5. Senator Amy Klobuchar

6. Senator Dianne Feinstein

7. Senator Jack Reed

8. Senator Bob Casey

9. Senator Maria Cantwell

10. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

So if all these senators met with Kislyak, what the heck are Democrats crying about? They’re so upset about Trump’s imaginary collusion with Russia, but they’ve been meeting with Kislyak all along.

Kislyak even sat with Democrats during President Trump’s first address to Congress!

Perhaps Pelosi and Schumer are using one of their own friends to try and smear the Trump administration…

And the hypocrisy doesn’t stop there! Town Hall also reports that “according to official visitor logs, Kislyak visited the White House 22 times during President Obama’s tenure.”

Let us repeat: the Russian ambassador in question was at the White House 22 times while Obama was President. Now all of a sudden, according to the Democrats, Russia is the enemy again. The enemy who sits with the Democrats during Trump’s speech, who is best friends with Chuck Schumer, who met with Nancy Pelosi while she lied about it, and was apparently quite cozy with President Obama.

All logic points to the fact that Democrats are using their own Russian ties to accuse conservatives of fabricated crimes. Liberals are really bad at coming up with conspiracy theories.