KISS’s Gene Simmons Has A Potent Message For Celebrities Who Endorsed Hillary


KISS founder and front man Gene Simmons went on Fox Business News to talk about the 2016 presidential election this week. And he had some powerful words for the other celebrities who were actively campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

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“Why anyone would care what a celebrity thinks? It’s the height of foolishness,” Simmons said, adding, “America has finally come to the brink of insanity where some people might actually think it’s a good idea to have (celebrities) living in Malibu deciding our foreign policy. I’m not one of those. I basically think celebrities should shut their pie holes and do what they do best – act, sing, tap dance, juggle balls, and all that kind of stuff.”

Bravo, Mr. Simmons! This awesome rocker understands that movie stars and singers are, for the most part, vapid and ignorant, and have no business telling their fans who to vote for.

Simmons has never endorsed a presidential candidate, but he has said complimentary things about Donald Trump in the past, saying Trump was a brilliant businessman and a good father.

Simmons also took time to mock the protesters who were marching against the election results, but who did not bother to go out and vote. “When you ask these protesters if they actually voted, they say, ‘Well, I forgot to tie my shoelaces and the dog ate my homework.'”

“Here we are. President-elect Trump will be the president. You can like it, you can not like it. But he’s the new president. End of story,” Simmons said.

During his Fox Business News interview, Simmons also proclaimed strong support for the electoral college system.

At the end of the interview, the rocker made a brief plug for his new restaurant chain called “Rocks And Brews” restaurants. The newest store opening, he said, was dedicated to our veterans. He said the restaurant chain always does everything it can to hire as many veterans as possible.

God bless Gene Simmons, one of America’s greatest rock and roller stars. And more importantly, God bless our great American veterans.

Do you agree with Mr. Simmons that celebrities have no business getting into politics? Share your thoughts in the comments section.