Shocking Kindergarten Play Celebrates Terrorism and Israel’s Destruction [VIDEO]


A video showing little kindergarten kids sporting toy guns and killing Jews has been posted on the internet. This shocking display of anti-Semitic brainwashing by a Gaza school shows exactly why there is so much hatred within the Palestinian community at such an early age.

The musical play was for a kindergarten graduation, and shows young kids proclaiming (in Arabic) “Stab! Kill the occupier with tones and knives.”

Dressed in military uniforms and grabbing toy rifles, the children act out an invasion of an Israeli military base. Palestinian squad leaders are seen shooting and killing Israeli soldiers. The play even shows children shooting off toy mortar shells, complete with loud sound effects and smoke machines.

Meanwhile, the parents of the children watching in the audience seem quite pleased with it all. They are seem applauding and taking photos of the little terrorists. Below is a clip from an Israeli news station. A more complete viewing of the nasty show can be seen here.

Is there any question as to why Israelis have to hold such a hard line against the Palestinians? The Palestinians have made no secret of their desire to wipe Israel off the map. Their hatred for America is no different.

Liberals, like President Obama, have never been able to fully understand what Israel is up against.

Instead of condemning these people, Obama embraced them. During Obama’s last days in office, he sent $221 million of your money to the Palestinian Authority. What the Hell was he thinking?

Thank God we have a new president who understands who these people are. President Trump has made it clear that combating terrorism is a top priority. Shutting down all financial aid to the Palestinians is a good first start.

What should be done about this type of evil indoctrination? Share your thoughts in the comments section.