Tensions are on the rise in the Pacific. Forces on every side are preparing for possible conflict. It’s time to find out who the allies are of America. Japan is one of them.

Japan is sending destroyers to join with the USS Carl Vinson and other American naval ships on their way to the Korean Peninsula. This is a sign that Japan is in full support of us in our effort to possibly remove Kim Jong-Un from power.

The US military has no plans to engage the North Koreans militarily. The presence of warships in their waters will try to dissuade North Korea from missile testing.

President Trump is planning for China to take the lead in eliminating the North Korea problem.

President Trump tweeted twice over the last two days reminding the president of China of their meeting from last week. Trump told everyone that any trade deals between China and the United States would be more favorable for the Chinese if North Korea were handled.

China has asked businesses to leave North Korea. China has positioned 150.000 soldiers along the North Korea border.

If China refuses to act, American, Japanese, and South Korean are prepared to take the lead and eliminate the North Korean missile testing.

The USS Carl Vinson is a super carrier that can carry nearly 100 battle ready aircraft. Just last month, the navies of the three allies engaged in exercises that plan a mock invasion of Korea in an effort to improve cooperation.

North Korea has been in a constant coverage state since they started testing nuclear weapons back in 2006. They have even been threatening Japan and South Korea.

President Trump, Japan, and South Korea aren’t taking North Korea lightly anymore and will destroy the nation if they need to.

 It would still be ideal for China to take the lead, as a message from a former ally is stronger than a message from a perpetual enemy.