JUST IN: Russian Nuke-Capable Bombers Intercepted Over US


Clearly that relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is getting serious, because last night – the fourth night in a row – Russian aircraft penetrated US airspace.

According to Fox News, U.S. Air Force jets intercepted a pair of Russian bombers and two Russian fighter jets providing an escort about 50 miles southwest of Chariot, Alaska on Thursday.

The two Russian Tu-95 Bear bombers and two Su-35 fighter jets entered the Alaska Air Defense Zone early Thursday in the latest episode of Russian provocation.

Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin says this is clearly an instance of Russia testing the U.S. response time – and we might add, a test of President Trump’s resolve.

Meanwhile, Russia is sending troops and equipment to its border with North Korea ostensibly because of fears Trump will attack Kim Jong-un and spark a tidal wave of refugees.

But an interesting detail has emerged about North Korea’s most recent failed ballistic missile last Saturday – it was apparently headed towards Russia before it was detonated once they realized it was way, way off course. Oops!

The Seoul Economic Daily reports the missile travelled 48 kilometres before officials detonated it over fears it was fired at Russia by accident. The paper claims: “If the ballistic missile that flew to the northeastern region had not failed, it would have been a harbour point or a Russian territory.

“It is for this reason that North Korea intentionally destroyed the missile.”

It quotes a source saying the launch target was “different from the previous direction” and adding “in the past, we fired 89-90 degrees to the east, and the projective fell off the East Sea. But the angle of this shot was 49 degrees.”

Well gosh, that would kind of suck if you started a conflict with a supposed, sort-of ally because you accidentally fired a missile at them.

In any event, there’s certainly a lot of posturing going on with North Korea and Russia — not to mention Iran, and as Han Solo once said, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”