JUST IN: 440 Islamic Refugees Busted for Plotting Terror Attacks

Turkish Security Forces Carrying Out Raid On ISIS Terrorists

On February 5 Turkish security forces carried out operations that lead to the detainment of over 440 individuals in several locations, including the cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Gaziantep.

The largest of the coordinated operations took place in the southeast province of Sanliurfa, where over 100 suspects were detained.

Most of the suspects rounded up were linked to ISIS and were in possession of ISIS-related materials. Nine of those captured in Izmir are reported to have been preparing an attack in that city.

ISIS has long claimed to have cells in Turkey. Reports out of the country state that many of the captured were ISIS operatives, working on recruiting people to their cause via social media.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for a deadly New Year’s Eve shooting at an Istanbul nightclub that left 39 dead.
Some of those arrested were minors, while many were foreigners. Some of those detained had been active in conflict zones.

ISIS Claimed Responsibility for the New Year’s Eve Attack on an Ankara Nightclub

Turkey has sustained terror attacks at the hands of both ISIS and Kurdish fighters. Turkey has been active in recent times trying to clear out a border area with ISIS and Kurdish strongholds.

News reports like this make it all the more ludicrous that liberals are dead-set against stronger vetting processes for folks from such terrorist hotbeds as Iraq and Syria.

The inventory of cities that have suffered at the hands of jihadi terror is now too long – Paris, Nice, Berlin, Ankara – the list goes on.

It should make us all feel safer that we have folks like Donald Trump in charge now. He, and others in his administration and the Republican-controlled Congress, treat the threat of “refugees” from such places as Syria and Iraq with the seriousness the issue deserves.

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