Joy Behar Mouths Off To Trump And His Supporters – IMMEDIATELY Gets Shut Down


Joy Behar has been bashing Donald Trump on The View ever since long before he won the election. Never bothering to do any real research, Behar has instead opted to spend her days preaching about how evil Trump and his supporters are with no evidence to support her claims.

On Wednesday, Behar once again spoke out to describe Trump and everyone who voted for him as “ignorant.” However, she immediately learned the hard way that Americans are sick of seeing her attack our president and those who love him.

According to Breitbart, Behar was talking about Tuesday’s special election in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District when she insulted the intelligence of conservatives everywhere by saying that Trump uses his “limited” vocabulary and “thinking” to appeal to people “who are afraid of things.”

“Trump, what he does, he’s so limited in his vocabulary and his thinking,” Behar said. “It’s like, he’ll tweet, ‘They make you less safe’ —fearmongering, ‘More immigrants are coming in’ — fearmongering, ‘They’re going to raise your taxes’ — it’s all fearmongering. And he appeals to people who are afraid of things and that’s what he does. People need to wake up.”

Americans immediately took to Behar to blast Behar, letting her know that her wild anti-Trump statements will no longer be tolerated:

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