Joy Behar Mouths Off To Donald Trump – IMMEDIATELY Wishes She Hadn’t…


Joy Behar has been mouthing off about how “terrible” Donald Trump is on her liberal talk show The View ever since he first entered the presidential race. Her anti-Trump rants have gotten even worse after his inauguration, and on Tuesday, she accused him of wanting the worst possible thing to happen to our country.

Unfortunately for Behar, however, she quickly learned that viewers are tired of seeing her fire ridiculous accusations at Trump.

According to The Daily Caller, the panel of the ABC talk show opened Tuesday’s show by discussing the list that the Trump administration had released the night before. This list included 78 terrorist attacks that the White House said had been underreported by the media.

“Why do you think he keeps stirring up about terrorism all the …?” Behar asked her fellow hosts. “He keeps stirring it up, like he’s almost like he wants it.”

“Because if you keep saying ‘we’re going to have a terrorist attack, we’re going to have a terrorist attack,’ is that because he wants to put like some kind of clamps on civil liberties and have martial law in this country, so that he can run the dictatorship that he and Bannon want to run,” Behar said. “What is that about?”

For Behar to claim that Trump WANTS a terrorist attack to happen to this nation that he loves is both a ridiculous and offensive statement. Luckily, viewers immediately took to Twitter to let Behar know just how wrong she is about this allegation:

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