Joy Behar DEMANDS That Donald Trump RESIGN – IMMEDIATELY Gets Shut Down


Donald Trump had an emotional moment this week when he admitted that he expected the job of being president would be “easier” and shared how he “loved” his old life. Millions of Americans on all sides of the political spectrum praised Trump for this humble moment, but loudmouth liberal Joy Behar shamelessly tried to use it to bash him on her liberal talk show The View.

“Am the only one who feels like it’s been a thousand and fifty days?” Behar whined, according to Gossip Cop. Addressing Trump directly, she said, “Donald, we feel your pain. Go back to your old life. We’ll do anything to support your decision. I’ll watch ‘The Apprentice.’”

In reality, most presidents are stunned by how difficult the job of running the country is, as nobody has experienced anything like it until they’re in the White House. Whenever Barack Obama opened up this way, Behar and her liberal friends called it a “beautiful moment,” but when Trump does it, they use it to mock him.

Twitter users immediately let Behar know they are sick of her anti-Trump rants:

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