Ivanka Trump’s Brand New $5.5 Million Mansion In Washington D.C.


Ivanka Trump and her family are moving to Washington D.C. to be closer to the White House!

But there’s something very odd about the home she purchased: it’s only a few blocks away from where the Obama’s are planning to move after the White House transition.

Can you say AWKWARD?

Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner are rumored to have found a gorgeous home in the Kalorama neighborhood of the nation’s capital. Daily Mail sources say the real estate deal is complete and the family will be moving into the Kalorama home shortly. The house was built in 1923.


Ivanka and Jared’s three children, Arabella, Joseph and Theodore, will reportedly have lots of room to play and grow; as the 6,870 square foot, $5.5 million mansion has 6.5 bathrooms, a sun room, a library, a garden, 5 fireplaces, and is only minutes from downtown.


Ivanka Trump is the owner of the Ivanka Trump Collection fashion brand, and a former reality television star who appeared with her father, Donald Trump, on the television show “The Apprentice.” She now serves as an Executive Vice President at the Trump Organization, and attended her father’s alma mater, The Wharton School. Her husband Jared Kushner owns the real estate and development company Kushner Companies, as well as Observer Media, which publishes the New York Observer.

A source close to Ivanka told PEOPLE that “everyone is adjusting to these new circumstances during the transition period, and while Ivanka has no intention of taking a formal role in the administration, she plans to be an advocate for issues she cares deeply about.”

During the presidential campaign Ivanka Trump made it very clear she is passionate about issues facing today’s women. In a speech at the Republican National Convention, Ivanka took a strong position as an advocate for working mothers.


Ivanka said, “As researchers have noted, gender is no longer the factor creating the greatest wage discrepancy in this country, motherhood is. As President, my father will change the labor laws that were put into place at a time when women were not a significant portion of the workforce.”

Living in the capital will allow Ivanka to be involved in policy discussions and be an active voice for working mothers across the nation.

Let’s just hope that her new neighbor, Obama, keeps his big mouth SHUT!