Ivanka: America Is Well-Represented By It’s First Daughter

Ivanka: Helping Make America Great Again

Ivanka is starting off as one of the most exceptional first daughters the United States has ever had.

What is she? A fantastic mother. Startlingly beautiful. A highly successful businesswoman. Intelligent and of great character. Simply a great all-around role model.


She’s carried herself with class while constantly under the spotlight. While every day under the magnifying glass and an ever-present media just waiting for some gaffe, no matter how small, she has never faltered. Indeed, if she had done something as small as spill a drop of soup on one of her always tasteful and gorgeous outfits, some leftie journalist would be all over it. But she hasn’t made a misstep. Not one.

Has anyone ever seen her dressed in any way other than with impeccable taste and the most jaw-dropping gorgeous outfits?


About the only negative anyone has written or said about her were some loathsome anti-Donald folks mocking her when many stores, under tremendous pressure from the multitudes of vengeful liberals, dropping her fashion line. It’s not as if her fashion line weren’t wonderfully tasteful, and as if this small setback was because of a failing of hers, and not simply the nastiness of others. It is like a group of losers and nobodies throwing mud on the beautiful, straight A prom queen, the one every envies.

Despite the desire of so many in this polarized nation to find a reason to hate her (merely because of father the President), one never hears a bad word about her, but merely a floor of gushing positive comments. Did you see how she looked, how she carried herself at the inauguration? Did you see what she was wearing when seen out with her wonderful family? Did you notice her unwilting presence when under the bright lights, with so many cameras clicking away?

She has truly has everything going for her. Super smart and successful husband, wonderful children. Saavy businesswoman flashing impeccable fashion. Beautiful inside and out.

Yes, this country has never been better represented by a first daughter.

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