Israel Fights Back! Launches HUGE Missile At Syria


Missiles from Syria’s Quneitra province were allegedly launched towards Israel, and Israel is sending a huge message in return.

According to the Young Conservatives, Israel has sent missiles into Syria as a retaliation for the attack. The IDF, or Israel Defense Forces, have taken bold action to show the corrupt leaders of Syria that nations around the world are watching – and are prepared to fight back.

The IDF tweeted:

The Jerusalem Post reports that the projectiles from Syria landed in Golan Heights, which is a region in the Levant which is partially occupied by Israel. The eastern third of Golan is controlled by Syria. There is a buffer zone in place being held by the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, and the attacks reengage a complicated history of Syrian aggression.

The IDF announced that two rockets “landed in open territory” but caused no deaths or injuries. Nevertheless, Israel took charge to care for it’s citizens and activated red-alert missile sirens in areas of Golan where people were in danger of being vulnerable to another strike.

Isreal fought back with full force, and the IDF’s spokesperson had strong words in regards to the nation’s decision to return fire:

“[The IDF] will not tolerate any attempt to harm the State of Israel’s sovereignty and the security of its residents, and holds the Syrian regime responsible for anything that occurs on its territory.”

The Post claims that reports from the Syrian media indicate that “Israel struck positions near the city of Quneitra, which lies just a short distance from the border between the two countries.”

Since 2011 when civil war broke out in Syria, Israel has been on guard and expecting problems at the border. With the support of Donald Trump and the United States, Israel is stronger than ever before.