ISIS Leader Unveils The Truth About Barack Obama In SHOCKING Confession


An arrested ISIS leader has confessed something about Barack Obama that has left the nation shell-shocked.

Conservative Fighters reports that the confession reveals that ISIS received funding from the Obama administration.

That’s right. Barack Obama, former President of the United States, funded Islamic terrorism. Many feared Obama’s loyalty was in the wrong place while he was President, but stories of his affinity for Islam were praised by the liberal media as appreciation and tolerance. Now we know the truth.

Yousaf al-Salafi is a known ISIS leader who has been arrested by Pakistani authorities. According to Conservative Fighters, he confessed to authorities that “$600 was sent to him through American institutions for every soldier he recruited and sent to fight for ISIS in Syria.”

Thanks, Obama.

This chilling and sickening news doesn’t stop there. The terrorist recruiter had the help of a Muslim “Imam” or “prayer leader” from the religion of destruction that is Islam, to aide him in ushering new soldiers for ISIS into Syria.

Obama had it out for Syrian President Assad, and now the whole world knows that BOTH men are monsters.

The moderate rebels that Obama claimed to support were actually soldiers of the Islamic State, and he knew exactly who he was funding and didn’t care. Liberals will defend this, no doubt. That’s how insane the American left has become.

It looks like Donald Trump was right after all, that Hillary and Obama’s shady dealings in the Middle East allowed terrorism to thrive. There are so many Democrats that should be in jail right now that it’s hard to keep count.

If this confession is confirmed, Obama should be SENT TO PRISON.