INTRUDER Jumps Fence At White House – Trump Is In Danger…


So far this month, two intruders have jumped the fence at Donald Trump’s  White House, and one of them even managed to evade the Secret Service on the grounds of the estate for a staggering 17 minutes. On Tuesday, yet another intruder jumped the White House fence, but things didn’t go nearly as well for her…

Daily Mail reported that a 38 year-old woman jumped the White House fence at around 11pm Tuesday night after spending a few minutes pacing in front of it. Unfortunately for her, she was left hanging upside down from the fence after her shoelaces were caught on the spires.

Secret Service agents had been watching the woman as she paced, but temporarily lost sight of her. By the time they found her again, she was already dangling from the fence. The agents helped her down and then arrested her immediately.

The woman, who had a map of the White House, told agents she wanted to speak to President Trump. He was reportedly inside the White House at the time.

This came after Jonathan Tuan-Anh Tran, 26, was arrested on March 10 for jumping the White House fence. Armed with two cans of mace, he was able to evade the Secret Service for 17 minutes before he was arrested.

While what happened to the female jumper is somewhat comical, it also reminds us that Trump is in constant danger of being attacked in his own home. Please pray for the safety of our beloved president!