Illegal Immigrants Mobilizing To Vote Against Trump


Huge numbers of immigrants, many in this country illegally, are mobilizing to get citizenship as quickly as possible, so they can vote against Donald Trump in November. In cities across America, thousands of illegal immigrants are paying unscrupulous American citizens thousands of dollars to marry them, if only on paper, in order to get a green card. Over 1 million green cards are issued in the United States each year.

Within the last few months, there has been a tidal wave of green card holders applying for citizenship, so they can vote against Trump in November. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service says naturalization applications began skyrocketing since late last year.

Florida Immigrant Coalition spokesman Ivan Parra said “These immigrants feel very unsafe with Trump’s words. They want to be respected. For them, it is an emergency.”

The Florida Immigrant Coalition is a politically active group which has been helping mobilize immigrants to pursue their citizenship in the swing state so that they can get out and vote against Trump. Their website also explains how to “get your County or City to take action and pass a Resolution in support President Obama’s Executive Action” which prevents the deportation of millions of illegals here in America.

Florida’s Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness told CNN that in the 40 years he’s lived in Florida, he’s never seen this many residents filing for citizenship. Naturalization advocates say applications typically spike in election years, but this year has been extraordinary.

Catholic Legal Service’s Raul Hernandez said “If all these residents become naturalized and vote, it’s a total game changer.”

Florida has long been a critical swing state for the nation’s presidential elections. Now, thanks for Obama’s blatant disregard for immigration law and border security, it appears that the Sunshine State will soon be firmly in the Democrat column.

When Obama was first running for president, he said he planned to “fundamentally change the country.” That is one promise he kept.