ICE Agents Show Up in Sanctuary Cities to Deport Illegal Immigrants

ICE making arrests in February Full credit: Charles Reed/U.S. Immigration and Customs

In office for less than one month, President Donald Trump has energetically made good on many of his campaign promises. Reports are coming in that he is making good on one more.

In the short time since Trump was sworn in, hundreds of illegal immigrants, oftentimes residing in sanctuary cities, have been arrested by agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

As the President has previously pledged, the arrested are overwhelmingly those with criminal records.

Raids have occurred in the massive metropolises of New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, much to the undoubted consternation of mayors Bill De Blasio, Rahm Emanuel, and Eric Garcetti. Other cities across the nation, such as Atlanta and Austin, have also seen aggressive ICE actions, now that the agency has had Obama’s shackles removed.
In January, Texas Governor Greg Abbott appeared on Fox & Friends and announced he will push for legislation “that will … ban sanctuary cities [and] remove from office any officer-holder who promotes sanctuary cities.”

Abbott’s backing of laws that will impose legal penalties on officials of cities that promote sanctuary cities show the power that state governors have in the fight against sanctuary cities, if governors and state legislatures choose to use it. Not every state has a Democrat for governor and a Democrat-controlled legislature.

President Trump’s green light for law enforcement, including ICE and the Border Patrol Agents’ union, must feel invigorating to agents within those departments. In fact, Trump received the first endorsement by the BPA union of a presidential candidate.

The arrest of approximately 160 illegal aliens in southern California with criminal convictions was recently reported in the Los Angeles Times. ICE has much work to do, as it is estimated that Los Angeles is home to about one million illegal immigrants.

Of course, Democrats and supporters of illegal aliens have attempted to leverage this news to scaremonger. Last Thursday, United States Rep. Tony Cardenas (D-California) issued a statement that included the following misleading words: “It’s outrageous that ICE would go into the homes of hardworking people and tear them away from their children.”

The fact is, almost all the illegal immigrants arrested in recent raids in California have not been mere “hardworking people,” but rather were targeted due to their criminal history.

Demonstrators In Favor Of Illegal Immigrants

What’s more, irresponsible rhetoric like that of Rep. Cardenas is “definitely dangerous and irresponsible, according to David Marin, Deputy Field Office Director of ICE in Los Angeles. “Reports like that create panic, and they put communities and law enforcement personnel in unnecessary danger.”

California Democrats and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have even remarked in anguish that law enforcement is not playing fair by not warning communities in advance that enforcement raids and operations are about to take place! That, after all, were the rules of the game under Obama.

Said Jennie Pasquarella, of the ACLU of Southern California, “Even under Obama we had sweeps or big operations where they would go into a particular neighborhood or say that this week we’re going to do a big operation and arrest people with certain profiles in certain parts of the city.

So there you have it: President Trump is fulfilling one more of his campaign promises – cracking down on illegal immigrants with criminal histories in the United States. And the left is tearing its hair out in despair!

America is safer and better off for it.

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