HUH? Mom gives birth to her granddaughter!


It’s the case that redefines the phrase “All in the Family”.

A 54 year old Texas woman gave birth to her own granddaughter on Thursday. The woman, Tracey Thompson, was a surrogate for her 28 year old daughter, Kelley McKissack.

The Medical Center of Plano, in northern Texas, says the baby weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces at birth, and is doing well. The little girl was named Kelcey, which is a combination of both the mother’s and the grandmother’s names.

Tracey-and-Kelley2Kelley McKissack and her husband, Aaron McKissack, had been trying unsuccessfully to have a child for years. They began fertility treatments two years ago, and produced seven fertilized eggs. Sadly, Kelley suffered three miscarriages last year, so her mother offered to be a surrogate.

Interestingly, Tracey Thompson went through her menopause seven years ago. This made the procedure far riskier than a typical surrogate pregnancy. A fertilized egg was implanted into her body last April, and according to a hospital spokesman, the pregnancy went well.

Say what you will about citizens from the Lone Star State, but they do love their families.

tracey thompson