HOUSE OF HORRORS: Inside the Torture Chamber Where Parents Did the Unthinkable to Daughter


Natalie Finn was only 16 years old when she was taken from her home in Wes Des Moines, Iowa, by ambulance after suffering from cardiac arrest, and died later at the hospital.

The autopsy is being held due to the trial but neighbors say that Natalie was very thin, to the point of emaciation.

Her mother, 42-year-old Nicole Finn, is being charged a number of crimes leading to her daughter’s death, including first degree murder. Her father, 45-year-old Joseph Finn is being charged with first-degree kidnapping, child endangerment causing serious injury, and neglect of a dependent person. Nicole Finn is being held on a bond of over $2 million.

Natalie Finn died on October 24th of this year and her parents were charged this Thursday with her death. Many neighbors were saddened, but not necessarily surprised that there was some level of neglect in the home. One neighbor, Leah Micelles, saw inside of the Finn home once when the police broke down the door to execute a search warrant. Micelles describes what she saw:

“We drove by, and you could see all of this stuff, all these bags of junk and everything spewed out all over the floor; but other than that they do a pretty good job of keeping their windows closed all the time, so it’s hard to ever see what’s going on in there”

Micelles and another neighbor, Linda Mercer, said that the Department of Human Services had been contacted before about the Finn family.

There were other siblings in the Finn home, a 14 year old girl and 15 year old boy, who were also severely neglected. Neighbors say the Finn children would ask for food, money, and shoes – and it was clear there was something wrong in the home.

Nicole and Joseph Finn are accused of killing their daughter ‘intentionally and willfully’ as they denied her any medical attention, severely neglected and abused all three children, and kept Natalie inside of their small home like a prisoner without enough food. The parents are also accused of using ‘unreasonable force’ as well as ‘torture’ and ‘cruelty’ to all three children.

Watch here for more details on this tragic and sad event in Iowa: