JUST IN: There was a scary in-flight incident involving Air Force One – with President Trump onboard – and a U.S. military plane. And that’s not a good thing.

At 6:23 p.m., as Air Force One was flying the President back to Washington D.C. following his weekend meeting at Mar-a-Lago with Chinese President Jingping Xi, a Boeing C-17 Globemaster flew within about 1,000 feet of the President’s plane, and exceedingly close call for aircraft.


Media was on board the President’s plane, and some noted that they had never seen an aircraft fly so near to Air Force One. Six minutes after the scare, Air Force One landed safely at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

Also on board the President’s plane were security adviser H.R. McMaster, White House deputy chief of staff for operations Joe Hagin, adviser to the president Stephen Miller, and chief strategist Stephen Bannon.

President Trump aboard Air Force One

Voice of America, perhaps downplaying the incident, reported, “Air Force One took no evasive measures and there was no indication it was in any danger.” However, according to media outlet The Hill, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel stated “I would say beyond all doubt that this is a strange occurrence.”

At the current time no further details about the incident are available. One would hope that this occurrence is being taken very seriously, and that a full investigation is underway. Combined with the incident last month at the White House where an intruder managed to scale a fence and get on to the grounds before being apprehended by Secret Service agents, questions are mounting regarding the safety and security measures being provided to the President and his family.

A close call like the one Sunday night is unacceptable. Those who allowed it to happen should be held accountable. An incident like this must not happen again.

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