Infamous killer Dylann Roof, who in 2015 shot and killed nine African-American members of Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church, was sentenced to death in his federal case and seven consecutive life terms in his state case this year. The horrific murders received massive national press coverage, and rightfully so. However, this Easter Sunday, another case of multiple shootings in a black church barely received attention in the media at all.

Dylann Roof

On Sunday, April 16, a teenage suspect shot six people – five teenagers and an infant – at a festival held at Cathedral of the Cross A.O.H. Church of God in Birmingham, Alabama.

Police Tape at Birmingham Church Crime Scene

Details of the shootings were provided in a report from AL.com:

Jefferson County Sheriff’s investigators are currently looking for a teenager who they believe fired the shots that injured several people at a carnival Saturday night.

Investigators now say six young people — five teenagers and a baby — were injured by gunfire Saturday night at a festival at Cathedral of the Cross A.O.H. Church of God off Center Point Parkway.

Deputies said four people were reported at the scene with gunshot wounds. Another two people were later discovered to have been driven to a hospital in a private car with minor gunshot wound injuries.

Four of the victims, including the one-year-old, were struck by single shots in the leg, one was struck in the elbow, and one grazed in the shoulder. The teenaged victims ranged in ages from 16 to 18.

A pregnant woman was also taken to the hospital for minor injuries she received when she was knocked to the ground by people fleeing gunfire. All the injuries were described as non-life threatening…

Chief Deputy Randy Christian said the shooting apparently involved a group of teens at the carnival who began arguing and then fighting. During the fight, one of the teens pulled a gun and began firing as he ran.

“He is the only suspect who fired shots,” Christian said. “He has been identified and a search for him is being conducted.”

Jefferson County Chief Deputy Randy Christian

Notice that the description of the suspect – a “teenager” – is extremely vague, and, considering the suspect is still at large, quite unhelpful to the public in identifying the shooter.

A logical question is, “why?” As with the Dylann Roof murders, these shootings occurred at a black church. Why does the media choose to hide a description of the suspect from the public? When there is a case of black-on-black violence the American media almost always chooses to ignore the race of the perp.

The American mainstream press absolutely loves the narrative of a racist white person harming black folks, like the monster Roof. It is click-bait, after all.

But when it comes to black-on-black violence, the media is strangely silent.