Holy Sh*t! Look What North Korea Is Sending to South Korea in Balloons!


The North Korean leadership just keeps getting weirder.

Over the last few weeks, North Korea has been sending hundreds of helium balloons into the air. The balloons are designed to float into South Korea, their arch enemy. What makes this story so bizarre is what is contained inside the giant balloons… lots and lots of, well, human sh*t.

At first it was feared that there might be a biological warfare component to the crappy balloons. As it turned out, they’re just filled with lots of human poop.

Also inside many of the balloons are used cigarette butts, and propaganda messages. Several of the large helium filled bags contained notes proclaiming “Stop the anti-North psychological warfare broadcasts that light the fuse of war.” Other messages  read “Knock out the gang of Park Geun-hy”, and “Park Geun-hy is political filth!” Park Geun-hy is South Korea’s current president, and their first female leader.

The balloons first started flying into South Korea in early January. Most did not make it past the militarized zone and were ignored. But weeks later, they became more frequent and started showing up deep inside South Korea’s cities.

The South Korean government was unsure how to respond at first. After all, is sending over balloons filled with poop really considered an act of war? The Geun-hy government decided instead to respond by blasting loud and irritating pop music towards North Korea.

North Korea’s “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong-un was brilliantly characterized in the movie “The Interview” last year. His bizarre behaviors have been a concern to the West because the country possesses nuclear weapons.

At least for now, poop warfare is something the West appears to be willing to tolerate.