Hillary’s Past Just Came Back To Haunt Her – She’s Panicking


Back in 1999, then-first lady Hillary Clinton convinced her husband to give clemency to a gang of Puerto Rican terrorists who 24 years earlier had brutally murdered the father of 9-year-old boy named Joseph Connor on his and his brother’s birthday.

Connor told The Daily Wire this week that he still vividly remembers the day of January 24, 1975. He and his brother were home with their mother, eagerly waiting for their father to come home from work so that they could celebrate their birthdays.

Sadly, Frank Connor never made it home that day because he was one of four people killed when the Puerto Rican Armed Forces for National Liberation detonated a bomb in Fraunces Tavern in New York.


“I remember my dad always being there for us, taking us to Met games, playing with us, playing basketball with us, playing, kicking around a soccer ball, doing, you know, just always being there,” he said, according to Conservative Tribune. “He was a young guy, he was only 33. And he loved us, and he gave us a great childhood until that day.”

The terrorists were all arrested and sentenced to life in prison for that crime as well as a bombing in Chicago, but that all changed when Hillary Clinton received a request from some legislators in 1999 asking her to persuade her husband to offer the terrorists executive clemency.

Seeing a chance to grab some power for herself, Hillary did just that. On August 11 of that year, Bill offered clemency to each of the terrorists with the exception of Oscar López Rivera, who refused clemency over various concerns, including the demand that he and the other FALN members renounce violence.

Over the last few months, politicians like Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders have renewed efforts to have Rivera be offered clemency, lamenting that his time behind bars has prevented him from spending time with his children and grandchildren. How sad for that terrorist!

“I didn’t get to spend time with my father,” Connor replied, when he was asked about this new push for clemency. “My father didn’t get to meet his grandkids, and whose fault is that?”

This proves once and for all that Hillary is an anti-American monster who places terrorists and power ahead of the well-being of the American people. SHARE if you think she should be in prison!