When Asked About ISIS, Clinton Humiliates Herself

Her answer is really painful to watch.


In a surreal moment on the campaign trail this week, Hillary Clinton told a group of young, liberal constituents that “white terrorism” is just as much a threat to America as ISIS.

When asked “Do you believe that white terrorism and extremism is as much of a threat to some in this country as something like ISIS?”, she gave a response that is kind of painful to watch.

She begins by looking looking upwards, thoughtfully, and says, “You know, I think that, um, we have… all kinds of… um, threats, uh, in our country. And I wouldn’t discount any of them. I think we have to take them all seriously. And… many of those threats are fueled by the gun violence that we face every single day.”

Later on in her rambling answer she referred to ISIS as “organized violence”. Never once did she utter the words “Radial Islam” or even “ISIS”.

So there you have it. The leading Democratic presidential candidate thinks that gun owners in this country, and white terrorism, is just as big of a threat to America as ISIS.

It was obvious that while making her statement, her political gears were turning, trying to think of the best political response.

Imagine an answer like that coming from Ronald Reagan or JFK, or any other strong leader of the free world.

A real leader recognizes ISIS as the number one threat facing law-abiding Americans, and should boldly say it. Gun owners in America are not roaming the streets looking to behead Christians or blow themselves up in the name of Allah. Rather, responsible gun owners are keeping our communities safe, as witnessed by crime rates in right-to-carry cities versus gun-free cities.

Clinton embarrassed herself terribly with this statement. But sadly, this was the answer she had to give to keep her liberal base happy. This interview, and that answer, got very little overage in the main stream media.

Bernie Sanders would likely have given a similar answer. But at least he would have been intellectually honest. Old Bernie actually believes this kind of nonsense, which is why we can give him a pass. Clinton is clearly a Machiavellian candidate who will say whatever it takes to get elected, whether she believes it or not.

There is no doubt that as the primary race heats up, both Sanders and Clinton will be making more outlandish statements to pander to their naive, ignorant voter base.

How embarrassing to be a Democrat today.