Hillary Emerges from Hiding… Makes SICKENING Announcement

Hillary was a big fan of the Women's March--the event during which the pop singer, Madonna, exclaimed, "Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House."

Maybe she didn’t understand its intention. Or maybe she’s just a bitter, hateful old bag.

Whatever the reason (and, let’s face it, we know the reason), Hillary Clinton was so delighted by the Women’s March on Washington that he felt compelled to “shout” about it on Twitter. The former presidential candidate, and possible criminal, lauded the event, with its estimated 500,000 people, via her Twitter account.

Now, why would Hillary be so excited about this march? Yes, she’s a woman, and she has a daughter, and a granddaughter, so that could likely have something to do with it. But probably more to the point is the fact that this march was intended to put her presidential rival, our new president, Donald Trump, “on notice.” Well, clearly, that is a sentiment that the loser of the election would just wallow in, and she clearly is.

Hillary Clinton and her “pro women” (as long as I get to see them naked) husband, Bill Clinton, attending the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

We don’t know what Hillary was doing when she heard Madonna saying these possibly criminal words, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary had a gigantic smile on her heavily-lined face:

“I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. But I know that this won’t change anything. We cannot fall into despair.”

Madonna is now under investigation by the Secret Service for her hateful speech. This probably made Hillary feel a sense of comradeship with the aging pop star. After all, Hillary knows all about doing things that get one in trouble.

Of course, Hillary can’t be investigated for loving what was happening with the Women’s March, but we don’t have to love her for it, either. Let us know your thoughts, below, about Hillary, her thoughts about Trump, and the Women’s March in general!