Hillary Clinton Scrambling To Wipe This Video From Internet – See It Before It’s Deleted


Hillary Clinton has gone into panic mode after a video exposing her various criminal and illegal activities went viral.

Conservative Brief reported that the nearly 20-minute video created by the American Freedom Fighters, and it discusses the billions of dollars Hillary has made through illegal schemes. It also exposes the horrifying revelation that when Hillary was first lady, she was secretly using the White House to funnel cash to powerful friends.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the video also touches on the infamous Clinton Body Count. A disturbing amount of people close to the Clintons have disappeared or died under mysterious circumstances, suggesting that the former first couple have used their power to make their enemies “go away.”

Hillary has spent millions of dollars on public relations firms in the hopes of making this video disappear. However, despite her best efforts, the footage has continued to spread. SHARE this story so that we can continue to expose the REAL Hillary Clinton to the American people!