Hillary Clinton Gets Some HUMILIATING News Weeks After Trump Takes Office


The mainstream media is constantly trying to make it look like Donald Trump is one of the least popular president of all time. That’s why it came as devastating news for Hillary Clinton this week when it was revealed that her favorability ratings are now lower than Trump’s…

Chron reported that only 35% of voters have a favorable view of Clinton compared to 55% who view her negatively. Meanwhile, Trump has a favorability rating of 45% compared to 47% of voters who view him unfavorably.

This decline is largely due to Democrats and Independents losing faith in Clinton. Back in October, 88% of Democrats and 32% of Independents liked her. Those numbers have each gone down to 74% and 25%, respectively.

This will come as particularly bad news to Clinton, as rumors are swirling that she plans to run for president for a third time in 2020. The Gateway Pundit reported that author Ed Klein, who has written many books exposing the various criminal activities of the Clintons, said he is positive she will run again in four years.

“Are you saying Hillary Clinton is going to run for president again?” NewsMax TV host Steve Malzberg asked.

“I’m not only saying it, I’m absolutely sure of it because my sources tell me that she is energized, ready to go, she’s going to write a book for Simon and Shuster,” Klein replied. “Then she’s going on another listening tour.”

With approval ratings like this, however, it looks like Clinton won’t be very successful in the 2020 election!