HE’S BACK: Bill O’Reilly Returns To Make MASSIVE Announcement


Legendary television host Bill O’Reilly was fired from Fox News on Wednesday after a series of sexual harassment allegations against him leaked to the public. The decision devastated millions of O’Reilly’s loyal fans, who had watched him on Fox News for over two decades.

On Friday, these adoring O’Reilly fans got some very good news when it was revealed that his “The Spin Stops Here Tour” that was scheduled for this summer will move forward as planned! According to The Hollywood Reporter, there are no plans to cancel this tour at this time.

O’Reilly’s tour is set to begin in New York City on June 17 with two sold out shows. It will then move to other cities around the country, including Baltimore, Tampa, Las Vegas and Anaheim. In addition to O’Reilly, the tour will feature comedian Dennis Miller and Jesse Watters.

While O’Reilly fans everywhere are rejoicing at this news, liberals have already started a movement to convince venues to cancel on O’Reilly. Online petition company Care2, a for-profit organization that deals with progressive causes, has already gathered over 22,000 signatures asking venues to cancel the shows due to the allegations against O’Reilly. Before O’Reilly was fired, Care2 had taken credit for convincing Jenny Craig to pull it’s advertising from The O’Reilly Factor by handing the weight loss company a petition with over 30,000 signatures on it.

Care2 manager Julie Mastrine spoke out on Friday to suggest that her group has no intention of halting their campaign to destroying O’Reilly’s tour if their current petition fails to work.

“There are no plans for protests now, but we won’t rule it out, either,” said Mastrine. “We haven’t delivered the signatures yet, so it’s impossible to say.”

It’s pathetic that liberals are still trying to take O’Reilly down when they’ve already taken away his job. SHARE this story if you think O’Reilly’s tour should NOT be cancelled!