Here’s a List of All the Celebs Who Refused to Perform at Trump Inauguration

Donald Trump's team seems to be having difficulties putting together a lineup of "A List" celebrities for his inauguration. But why?

According to the Daily Beast, here are the list of performers who have refused to show at Trump’s inauguration:

Elton John
Justin Timberlake
Katy Perry
Bruno Mars
Aretha Franklin
Celine Dion
Garth Brooks
Andrea Bocelli
David Forster
John Legend

Question is, why were there so many “no thank you’s,” even from performers like Elton John and Gene Simmons, from KISS, who have come out in support of Trump in the past?

Well, KISS is slated to be on a European tour during the inauguration, so it makes sense that they cannot make it to the event.

Gene Simmons, of rock band, KISS, is a supporter of Donald Trump. However, KISS will be on tour in Europe during the inauguration.

Some, however, such as Andrea Bocelli, say they have have received too much anti-Trump feedback from their social media followers.

Others, such as David Forster, are reported to be concerned about upsetting donors to their charitable foundations.

Many celebrities have jumped at the chance to slam Trump even though they have no grasp on the facts.

John Legend was never asked to perform at the inauguration, but that didn’t stop him from running his mouth about Trump (as if anyone cares). He said, “Creative people tend to reject bigotry and hate. We tend to be more liberal-minded. When we see somebody that’s preaching division and hate and bigotry, it’s unlikely he’ll get a lot of creative people that want to be associated with him.”

The Radio City Rockettes are slated to perform at the inauguration. While many of the Rockettes are excited about the opportunity and have already signed up to perform, still others have taken to social media to let it be known that they do not support this performance. One of their veteran members, however, who no doubt is benefitting from the wisdom that comes with a bit of age, is encouraging her castmates to put aside their political feelings for the time being. As explained by the Daily Mail, “former Rockette Patty DeCarlo Grantham is now urging the troupe to put politics aside to perform ‘helping unite us all with the joy, love, beauty and strength.‘”

Now that seems like the right attitude. If we don’t want devisiveness, then behaving in a divisive way, by not performing at the inauguration, is probably not the best way to improve the situation.