Here’s Why Japan Has No Radical Islam Problem In Their Country, And Never Will


Japan is known for being an extremely civil, orderly society. And neither the government nor the citizens of Japan tolerate outsiders “tainting” their culture.

While Islam is growing exponentially across the world, Japan has been vigilant about keeping any signs of its growth in check. As described in an article published by the Conservative Tribune, Japanese as a whole are uneasy around Muslims, assigning them all the reputation of radical, closed-minded and less intelligent people with a strange religion.

Japanese companies also prefer hiring their own citizens over immigrants.

While there are nearly 14 million people in the city of Tokyo, there is only one imam living there, and mosques are rare. Japan bans Islamic evangelism and bans Muslim immigrants. The result is that there are less than 10,000 Muslims in a country of 127 million.

Of course, such policies would be labeled “fascist” and “xenophobic” by the left (two favorite words used by liberals to describe conservatives). But political correctness has not yet infected Japanese culture. There are no cries for “more diversity” and “redistribution of wealth” among its citizens. Such ideas are considered ridiculous in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Perhaps America should take note of Japan’s immigration policies. They are not based in racism or xenophobia, but rather in preserving their national identity and their homeland’s security.

Hopefully it will not take another event like 911 to wake up America. Hillary Clinton wants to bring tens of thousands of Muslims into our country in the name of “doing what’s right”, despite the fact that Obama’s own FBI Director said it’s impossible to properly vet these people. Once they are here, it will be too late. It makes no sense to close the barn doors once the horses have escaped.

What do you think of Japan’s immigration system? Should we adopt some of their policies here in America? Share your thoughts in the comment section.