IT’S HAPPENING: Trump Deports Obama’s Somali ‘Refugees’


Donald Trump is cracking down on illegal immigration and putting America first!

According to Voice of America News, the U.S. deported 90 immigrants to Somalia and two immigrants to Kenya last week. Somalia’s ambassador to the U.S. claims the majority of the immigrants had already received final deportation orders.

Ambassador Awad said, “Most of them are people whose asylum cases [were] denied through [the] legal immigration process, and others broke the U.S. law and had received final orders for removal from courts in the United States.”

Even though the people who were deported had violated immigration laws, leftists are calling Trump’s decision into question. But Conservative Tribune points out that Trump is keeping the promises he made to the American people! The Tribune writes, “Trump is not only following through on his campaign promises, he’s doing it at record speed. He has expressed an interest in reviving existing immigration laws that former President Barack Obama didn’t enforce during his tenure as president.”

What a relief to have a Commander in Chief who keeps his promises and isn’t afraid of criticism from the left. In his final weeks as President, Barack Obama brought 502 additional refugees into Nebraska, a state with one of the highest refugee populations.

Breitbart reports that the Obama administration “resettled refugees in the United States during the first three months of FY 2017 at a rate that is nearly double the rate during the same three month period of FY 2016.” Thankfully Obama is long gone and Donald Trump has been working harder than any President in recent history.

The deportations are completely legal and justified. Beyond that, the action to deport these individuals was delayed for years until Trump took office. Ambassador Awad said the removal cases of the Somali immigrants had “been dragging for the last three years.”

It’s about time these criminals were sent home! The U.S. is not responsible for non-citizens who refuse to comply with the law.