Hannity On GOP Health Care Struggle: ‘This Is Not President Trump’s Failure’


Sean Hannity is defending Trump’s actions on the new health care bill, saying the fact that it got pulled is not Trump’s fault.

Wayne Dupree reports that Trump “wanted a bill he could sign to repeal Obamacare, and he didn’t get it from the GOP leadership.” This is exactly what Trump was talking about during the campaign, that he will have to fight just as hard against the GOP establishment as he would with Democrats. This is just the start of a battle Trump will wage with greedy Republicans and Democrats alike.

Sean Hannity is one of the few conservatives that had Trump’s back throughout the entire campaign, never failing to speak the truth and support the movement.

Here’s what Sean had to say on Fox News:

“This is not President Trump’s failure,” Hannity said. “The president went above and beyond, did everything in his power to get this bill across the finish line.”

Instead, Hannity placed the blame at the feet of House Republicans who failed to build a consensus in the party before moving forward with the bill.

“Make sure the bill is not released until you have consensus on the bill,” Hannity said. “This would take a lot of the ugliness out of the process.”

He said they should have brought in all the factions of the GOP, from conservatives to moderates, from the Tuesday Group to the Freedom Caucus.

Hannity said that Republican lawmakers need to take a deep, introspective look at how they do business.

“One thing’s clear: Voters were not served well in this process. But you’ll have time for a do-over.”

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