HAH! Watch Maxine Waters Get a Taste of Her Own Medicine


Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has become a hero to those on the left for her near-constant attacks on President Donald Trump including calling for his impeachment. She has even been affectionately nicknamed “Auntie Maxine” by progressives.

Republicans have faced all kinds of attacks and protests at their town halls because of an organized effort on the part of progressives. However, the Democrats have had town halls and rallies largely unscathed because they are not facing an organized protesting effort from Republicans.

But that may be changing, at least a little bit, for Auntie Maxine.

She arrived late to a town hall in Inglewood, California today. Among the issues she was scheduled to talk about was again bashing Trump, claiming collusion with Russia, despite the fact that she herself said there was so far no evidence that any collusion occurred.

Waters had protesters in the audience who spoke up during the event and were ushered out by security.

They didn’t appear to do any of the threatening things that Democratic protesters have done, but they weren’t shy about speaking up.

There were also signs outside the event making fun of her calls for impeachment against Trump and calling for her own impeachment.

Finally, those on the left are getting a taste of their own medicine!