HAH! Look at What Shows Up on Google When You Search ‘Rapist’

Bill Clinton, former U.S. President and rapist?

There is a Reddit post on the ‘President Elect Donald J. Trump’ website by a poster with the handle ‘myokan.’

It is a picture of Bill Clinton leering with, shall we say, a “rapey” sort of look, and a caption that reads:

“Rapist. This image is currently on its way to the top of the search “rapist”. WE NEED TO MAKE IT #1!”

Bill Clinton, former U.S. President and rapist?

Some commenters helped out with the following comments:

DrMcKoy commented “Oh that’s Bill Clinton the rapist.”

Newhorseman commented ‘I see he’s finally mastered the “come hither (or else)”’ look.”

Bhuddamonk commented ‘image titled “rape gaze”.’

Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, and Kathleen Wiley would likely approve of this campaign. All are on record with accusations of serious sexual misconduct, even actual rape, by Mr. Clinton.

Then there are Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers with whom Bill Clinton had inappropriate extramarital affairs (in the case of Ms. Lewinsky, the then-president of the United States taking advantage of a young, impressionable, intern).

Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby. Both named Bill, both accused by multiple women of being rapists.

These are just the women who have come forward; we don’t know who else may have similar stories but have chosen to keep silent. After all, who wouldn’t think twice about speaking up when the threat of intimidation and smearing by Hillary Clinton – which she allegedly meted out on those who have come forward – would likely await?